Bulk Intrigue

You turned around and looked straight into our cart. “How much for the cake? That’s a nice looking cake.” Then you looked up to our faces, the question still furrowing your brow. “Ten-bucks! That’s pretty damn good. It’s got them caramel swirls.” The line to the till lurched ahead while you continued to lean on our cart. “I’d get myself one of those but I got these flowers here for my wife. You know, Christmas.” It wasn’t a connection I’d ever made before–hot pink Costco carnation bouquet for Christmas. Its tag read “Mystic Beauty”. This was either a serious misfire of seasonal giving’s or the perfect cherry on the 25th for a relationship whose quirks I wasn’t privy to. Whichever it was you were enamored enough with our chocolate layers to take off in pursuit of a gift for yourself, shouting over your shoulder:

“What the hell, it’s Christmas!”