A Heart Full of Quarters

We made our way over to you as bands crashed and roared on the stages set up on the floor. The line for the bar serpentined around the room and past the pool tables so we decided to see you instead of wait. I handed you some change and we began. At first everything was great. We maneuvered through the tight halls at an almost indifferent pace, collecting dots, power pellets and the occasional strawberry or banana. Then we ran into him. You were smitten. Pac-Man began taking us to different, tougher neighbourhoods where the ghosts were faster, meaner and stayed blue for a shorter amount of time. My palms began to sweat. You were putting us in such danger by hanging out with him. Eventually the ghosts overtook us and I stomped the ground in frustration. Now you and my money were gone. I wasn’t even sure why you were so attracted to him. Now that I’ve had time to reflect it must have come from some sort of vain, incestuous place because I’m pretty sure he’s your twin.