Sounds of ecstasy and appreciation followed you around the room as you traced the row of desks with a box of doughnuts in hand. I had arrived early and some of your classmates were still seated. People I didn’t know receiving treats from someone they did know. There was a tension as you drew nearer. Did I get a doughnut? Did I deserve one? Why would I get one? I was someone from another class who hadn’t so much as offered a hello. You obviously had formed a special kinship with those in yours or else you wouldn’t have bought and shared this delicious wealth of confections. I was worried things would become awkward or standoffish when you got to me. Maybe these were a celebration for a project well done or a get-well indulgence for someone’s heartbreak and I was certainly not a part of that in any way shape or form– “Want one?” You asked. Thank you.