Gracious Strangers #2

In big, red type you announced that if I clicked on the link provided I was going to see nude photos of people I know in my neighbourhood. I was curious. Would I see the buttocks of the man who tends the flowers outside my apartment? Shriveled and divided like a walnut kernel, inviting the sun to roast as he lay beachside? Perhaps a full frontal of the Transit officer who is always making jokes with the passengers; her breasts stuck in an upward swing as she liberates a full-belly laugh. Or maybe a worn Polaroid of Uncle Fatih; his left hand full of uncut salami while the right keeps busy with another uncut meat. I wondered if seeing the peripheral but steady characters in my life, in the buff, would alter the way I currently interact with them. I put a pause on my illegal mp3 download, clicked on the link and made the first step towards finding out.