Certain Age

It wasn’t that I didn’t believe you but when you eventually showed us the grainy brown and grey aerial shot taken from the plane of you and three others skydiving into a Supertramp concert at Empire stadium in the seventies, there was a feeling of confirmation: you were cooler than all of us.

Now only weeks away from your sixtieth birthday, you told us how the four of you had veered off target and dangerously close to the roller coaster at the PNE while trying to get into formation. It was your last minute decision to pull right that saved your team and brought you to safety on the large white “X” painted onto the field amongst the thousands of cheering concert goers.

The faint pink highlights in your bright white hair bounced as you laughed it off as an everyday near-miss. But what really got to me as I looked at the photo was not your casual recall of a harrowing tale or your unassuming penchant for danger and adrenaline; what really took me by surprise was how many people actually went to a Supertramp concert.

Portrait by Andrew Pommier for #POBEshow 2014