When we lifted the first person up and onto the hands of us crowded into the living room of the house our friend’s band was playing in it was fun and exciting. Then one by one, further friends were raised and surfed and it was still exciting and even more fun. Towards the end of the set the band and all of us who swelled around them were sweating, yelling and doing our best not to slip on the hardwood that had seen more than a few beer drop and empty onto it.

Then they finished with a clash of cymbals and the last friend was lowered from her throne of fingers and palms and I was left feeling empty – I was the only one who didn’t get to crowd surf. Did I weigh too much? Was I too sweaty? Unappealing to the touch? I probably wouldn’t like it anyways I told myself, what with all the hands pushing and grabbing my butt and everything. I shook my head as I biked home alone; that would’ve been my favourite part.


Portrait by Mark Illing for #POBEshow 2014