Company Man

It was strange, the way you leaned into the urinal as if it was your first time using one; hiding your penis behind the receptacle’s short porcelain walls. That and how you anxiously looked around the bathroom like you were on lookout as you rolled a flaccid, fleshy joint. I had been having a good day. I’d told a few zingers in the lunch room, had already far surpassed my work quota for the day and was happily washing my hands before heading home.

All that combined gave me the confidence to try and lighten the mood, to alleviate whatever anxiety was making you comically thrust yourself dick first into a public toilet. “Don’t worry, man. I’m just here to watch.” As soon as the words left my mouth I knew I’d made a mistake. You asked me to repeat myself. “It was a joke I never should have made to my manager.” I shouted behind me while slow jogging to the exit.

Portrait by Sophia Ahamed for #POBEshow 2014