One, Two, Three

At six-thirty in the morning shadows have a certain modesty. Yes, they’re there, enjoying their last moments on the dance floor; but when the sun slowly rises they don’t ask the DJ for one more song. They realize their limitations and call for a cab home. And as I pedalled my way to work, bleary eyed and revelling in the fact that I’d finally put avocado on my sandwich for lunch, I was incredibly thankful for the self-awareness of those shadows. Without it I wouldn’t have seen you and your family dart from behind a car and skitter across the road; your young ones getting into a tussle mere feet from my tires. It was then that I truly understood why you liked to work in the night: the darkness was a keen, compassionate and stylish partner. It didn’t ask questions and was always up to salsa. I looked back at you one more time before cycling into the loud, clumsy Macarena of day.

Portrait by @Jorobot for #POBEshow 2014