Equus Ferus Caballus Pugna

You, the large man in the tutu, started it is what I’d heard. Apparently you’d been sloppily hitting on the man with the horses head’s girlfriend and then pushed the much smaller equine when confronted. After a brief tussle you were broken up and we all continued dancing. I asked my friend how we ended up here and he shrugged. Early 90’s house music filled every open space of the room. A projector beaming a looped video of an outdoor dance music festival was flashing up on stage, interrupted only by the DJ’s shadowed, herky-jerky movements around his equipment.

Then the unfortunately recognizable sound of bone colliding with bone. The crack followed by a thud. The thud being you hitting the floor. Synthesizers kept playing and people kept dancing, only a handful of concerned ravers asking what happened and if your supine body if it was alright. The horseman trotted slowly backwards towards the exit. The blood that trickled from your mouth matched your tutu.

Portrait by James Knight for #POBEshow 2014