Things to Consider Before Pushing Over a Stranger for Littering

1. Maybe he just ate some greasy food, say an entire Butterball Turkey, and his hands were too oily to hold onto the cigarette package.

2. Perhaps he is just leaving it in the gutter for later.

3. He might be in a hurry to quit smoking so he can start vaping and wasn’t able to wait to find a garbage can.

4. It could have been his mother’s dying wish for him to be travel the world, discarding refuse on the ground at any available moment.

5. It may be a ruse to bait Captain Pollution into believing he is on his side so he can become a confidant and gather crucial strategic information for Captain Planet.

6. Maybe he didn’t drop the cigarette package, the cigarette package dropped him.

7. He could be pregnant.

8. He might be stronger than me.

9. I could just say something but I don’t really want to be “that guy.”

10. I’m hungry and really should get home and make those perogies.