It’s nighttime on the street outside of my apartment building. The cherry trees have just blossomed and hang like clustering sprites overtop of us in the moonlight.

Enter WOMAN 1, WOMAN 2 and ME.

WOMAN 1: (slurring words) Hey! You know this car?

ME: No.

WOMAN 1: You like this car?

ME: I’m not really a Subaru fan––is something going to happen to that car?

WOMAN 1: I can’t see into the future, I’m no wizard. Do I look like a wizard?

WOMAN 2: (snickers behind the car)

ME: (looks closely to confirm that she is not in fact a wizard) No.

WOMAN 1: (yelling) Then get outta here! We’re just a couple of muggles out on a Tuesday!

ME: (skates off to the entrance of the apartment building)

I hear a loud crunch, followed by a booming second impact––this one accompanied by a tinkling of glass shards on the pavement that sounds like a rush of radio static.