Scum. The puss secreted from the anal warts of any Conservative MP. A living, breathing example of the faults in our educational system. Not even vultures would stoop to eating his tainted mass of flesh. If his idiocy were contagious I’d immediately open every available vein. The recent rash of pipeline oil spills are a distant second in environmental damage behind every subsequent breath he takes. He would make Sophie’s choice a no-brainer. I’m surprised he was even able unlock his truck, let alone drive it. Who the fuck doesn’t yield to cyclists at a roundabout on a bike route? Morons. Those whose brains have been pulled through their noses piece-by-piece and replaced with caulk. I thought about how good it would have felt to say all of that to him, except maybe the Sophie’s choice stuff––that was a little much, as I cut an illegal left going clockwise without signalling at the next roundabout.