Walking on an Early Autumn Evening

“So it turns out I’m actually sick.”
“Black death?”
“Nah, the doctor said it’s strep, which explains why I’ve been so tired. I have to take a bunch of medication.”
“Ugh. Sorry to hear that. Did you have to make any calls?”
“Any calls?”
“Yeah, to previous make-out partners. Let them know what you’ve done to them.”
“I haven’t been doing much making-out lately so I don’t have to worry about that.”
“Sorry to hear that, too.”
“That’d be lame anyways, it’s just strep.”
“What do you mean? If you’re going to phone someone to let them know you’ve potentially transmitted something to them you’d prefer it to be for something worthwhile?”
“Yeah. Gonorrhea, maybe.”
“Definitely gonorrhea. The clap.”
“You could just send the ‘🙏🏾’ emoji. That would be more time efficient and Millenials would appreciate it. Don’t think there’s a genital wart emoji, though.”
“What about the erupting volcano?”
“Gross, but accurate––I can only assume.”
“Sure, bud.”