“Lights!” He shouted at me as he biked past, like I wasn’t aware that I didn’t have a light on mine. Maybe I enjoyed pedalling through the night like a relatively fit Polish phantom. Sure, it’s dangerous, but I feel like I’m a responsible enough––fuck. “Camera.” I should have said “camera” after he said “lights.” That would’ve been funny. Imagine if the lady he was cycling with had said “action!” That would’ve been amazing! I’m sure we all would’ve stopped and turned around to share a laugh and recap how funny it all was.

Then he would probably apologize for being patronizing by saying “lights,” but go on to explain that his mother used to ride at night with no lights until she hit a raccoon that had been scuttling across the road and fell and knocked out all of her teeth––every single one! And since they didn’t have much money growing up after his father walked out she couldn’t get them replaced so she would only make puréed meals for dinner. Pureed ham sandwiches. Pureed Farfalle with red onions, tomatoes, thyme and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Pureed etc., etc. It would be a heart-wrenching story and I would ultimately respect his viewpoint and accept his apology.


Portrait by Ali Bruce for #POBEshow 2015