She mentioned that she liked Drake. I mentioned that I read an article on the Internet about how Drake allegedly likes to have his asshole eaten. We promptly turned it into a verb. She dared me to Drake the hole in the ground that we found the big spider in. I flipped it back onto her with a double doggy dare. She said that was cowardly and unoriginal. She was right. She Draked the hole anyways. I asked her which of the two men across the park drinking slurpees she would rather Drake.
“The one not wearing the cargo shorts. Obviously.”
I asked her if she’d Drake me. She took a moment.
“I’d Drake you.” I told her.
“Right here in the park?”
“Right on this bench.”
“So you wouldn’t Drake me even if I Draked you?” “No, I would.”
“Who goes first?”
“Should we go at the same time?”
“Would that work?”

Portraits by Matt Munn for #POBEshow 2015