Marty. Dear Marty. How are you so kind? So patient? You really seem like a genuine person. Although admittedly I wasn’t sure about you at first, your fedora threw me off. It would be one thing if it was a singular occasion––a fashion test run. We all make mistakes. But I have never seen you without it atop the jovial ball of dough that is your head. Fortunately I was able to look past my prejudices and discover a wonderful teacher and someone I would even be proud to call a friend of sorts. Wild Horses, Ramblin’ Man, Karma Police, that one Lifehouse song––your Youtube channel has taught me so much. I can’t put my guitar down and that’s because of you. I was trying to think of the best way to say thanks, and I’m aware that there’s a donate button on your website, but I think that pressing “like” on at least 50 of your videos would be enough to give you that big, toothy grin I’ve grown to love. I can hear you laughing now; like that time you dropped your pick in the sound hole.

Portrait by Eric Miranda for #POBEshow 2015