I understood. We were skateboarding outside of a library and skateboarding is an inherently loud activity to be doing at an historically quiet place. We were probably distracting all of the pre-teen boys googling “Nicki Minaj nip slip” on the public computers inside. Except that’s not why the police officer was kicking us out––according to him it was for our own safety. We were skating near a road and that was dangerous because there were a lot of “new to Canada drivers in the area.” He said this in the way you talk to someone who you just found out spent the afternoon at the DMV or had Chlamydia once too––with the pretence of camaraderie through shared experience––in this case, white guy to white guy.

“Catch my drift?” I did. He was asking for confirmation that I too was an ignorant asshole, which I didn’t think I was. But I was a broke asshole whose righteousness couldn’t afford him a $200 dollar ticket for the open beer sitting by my backpack in plain sight. “Yessir. Have a good day.”

Portrait by Sherri Rogers for #POBEshow 2015