Pay to the Order Of

As kids my mother once told my older brother that if he planted sesame seeds in the garden they would grow into a hamburger tree. Obviously it never worked because my five year-old brother was an idiot and beef doesn’t grow on trees. I would like to lay most of the blame on my mother for putting this fantastical idea into his head and setting him up for a big emotional fall once he realized that flora don’t fauna, but I think that it should be taken into account that my brother, even at such a young age, should have known that cows can’t flower. It’s also difficult to pin either party as ignorant or negligible in this situation when both suffer the same negligible ignorance. Was my older brother adversely affected by this maternal non-truth? Who’s to say? Was my mother’s life made difficult by her two stupid boys with trust issues? Perhaps. All I know is that old Saint Nick was one thing, but I’m still reeling from the million-dollar cheque she wrote me at age six. The memo read “HAHA.”

Portrait by Andrea Wan for #POBEshow 2015