World’s First Organ Donor

“Take this. Uh, for this is my body. And eat it. Yes, eat my body. No, come back. I’m serious. I mean, it’s all very symbolic, you’re not actually eating my body. Come on. Take it. Put it in there. I see you looking at it. Your friend too. Both of you come eat my body. It’s chill, we’ve been doing this for thousands of years. I’m sorry I don’t have any blood to wash my body down with but we generally use wine and I don’t think either of you would be into that––I doubt you have very sturdy constitutions. What? Don’t get all ruffled, you’re just small. It’s biology. Okay, but seriously, I put all these pieces of my body on the railing just for you. They’re going to dry up soon. Do you want to eat hard, crunchy body? Wow. Fine. Fly away. Fuckers.”

Portrait by Dylan Homer for #POBEshow 2015