Left. Right. Forward. Left. Right. Back. Small circle. Lift one foot. Hold onto belt buckle. Left. Crouch and mock prayer hands. Slowly rise. Right. Look into eyes. Look down bashfully. Right. Left. Alternating shoulder thrust. Hands behind back. Close eyes. Move head back/forth. Move head left/right. Feel music. Open eyes. Smile. Move closer. Hands at side. Alternating shoulder thrust. Move closer. Left. Right. Slow squat. Slow rise. Touch foreheads. Ask if they want to kiss. Kiss. Hand on small of back. Pull back. Smile knowingly. Right. Quick spin. Kiss again. Left. Alternating shoulder thrust. Wobbly knee move. Lights on. Ask for number. Say goodbye. Kiss. Go home. Deliberate whether to text at 4:00am or not. Text. No reply.

Portrait by Coreenah Lewis for #POBEshow 2015