The Case for Cleanliness

Cleanliness is next to or at least near to godliness. I’m sure The BasedGod does his own dishes. I bet he takes the time to make sure there’s no tiny bits of hardened gunk stuck between the fork prongs too. It’s that sort of attention to detail that’ll provide you a happy, fulfilling life until you get to heaven or whatever. Is Lil B an outdated reference for our nanosecond, social media acclimated attention spans? Probably. But keeping a clean kitchen never goes out of style. That sandwich was delicious, but there’s no reason to let its crumbs dot the counter like hair clippings of a former lover you keep pasted into a duotang under your bed––wipe that shit already. Imagine the kick of dopamine you’ll get when you go to pour yourself some, preferably, grapefruit juice and there’s a clean glass waiting in the cupboard. That’s nirvana.