#1 In a Series of Sadness

During their final embrace––I assumed it was their final embrace, due to her tears and all––she held onto him like they were falling out of an airplane and he was the only one with a parachute. There were tears coming out of his face as well, but not at the same volume as hers. It seemed like he was crying only because she was, like how you yawn when you see someone else yawn, or laugh while watching the 2008 romantic comedy Gold Rush in the theatre on a first date; not because Mathew McConaughey and Kate Hudson are funny in it, because they are most certainly not, but because your date is laughing and you think if you laugh too that she’ll think you find the same things funny and that you’re on the level.

She burrowed her face into his shoulder and said things that probably related to how this was likely their final embrace. He nodded as she talked and cried. There was a Starbucks coffee and iPhone in his hand and as he looked over her shoulder to check the phone, the cup tipped and coffee dribbled to the ground.