#2 In a Series of Sadness

The large sunglasses on her face made it difficult to tell whether they were tears of happiness or tears of unhappiness. Her friend seemed to be consoling her but wasn’t saying things like “it’ll be okay” or “I’m so sorry,” which was making it even more difficult to tell if she was upset or not. The fact that she was standing in front of the clinic (I mean, like standing right in front of it and totally blocking my way in) made it trickier still. Did she just get a terrible/terrific diagnosis? Was she pregnant, yay! Or pregnant, nay! What if she was just diagnosed with a disease of perpetual weeping and now she was weeping tears of happiness because she finally knew why she was always weeping at things that didn’t usually make here weep, like dog food commercials or airplanes filling the sky with the sound of their weary engines as they returned home. I kinda hoped it was the latter, but also hoped she would get out of the way, I was going to be late.