Electrician Looking for Side Work

I’ve been a practicing electrician for nearly ten-years. I have my Red Seal, all of my own tools, and a vehicle. I’m quick, efficient, and have a good eye for detail. I work well alone and can lift over 200lbs. I am very honest, loyal, and discreet. Some hobbies I enjoy are parkour, survivalist hiking excursions, and lock-picking. I have been training in various martial arts such as Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jui Jitsu, and Judo, since childhood, which helped me develop a high pain tolerance. I have no immediate family, wife or children, and would only consider the few people I spend time with acquaintances at best. Those acquaintances have told me on multiple occasions that I have the demeanour of Liam Neeson from Taken 1-3. But more so Taken 1 (the good one). I also have my firearms license. I would like to take on a job in my spare time that allows me to use the skills I have that being an electrician doesn’t utilize. If you have a job that you would like me to do, or “take care” of, please let me know and we can discuss rates, methods, etc.

– Doug

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