License Plate Trade, NSA (EDITED!!)

Hi again guys! I guess a lot of you misunderstood my previous post! I just went to this one guy’s house because he had a Massachusetts plate he was willing to give me in exchange for a little “help,” and when I showed up at his place (he’d left the front door unlocked and told me to walk right in. Weird!) there was a sheet with a hole cut in it pinned up over the entrance to the living room. I thought that maybe he was just nervous about a stranger coming to his place or he was sensitive to daylight or maybe he was some sort of hideous beast, ala the Mask––the one with Cher not Jim Carrey, and didn’t want me to see the unfathomable horror that was his face.

Then he told me to approach the sheet and get ready, and I totally thought he was going to hand the license plate out the hole in the sheet, but when I reached down to grab it, what came out of the hole was definitely not a Massachusetts license plate!! Guys, when I said I was game to do anything, NSA, in a trade for the license plates I’m collecting in order to prove my love and devotion for my GF, I meant No Sexual Acts!!1

So guys, if you have any of the license plates I still need (Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, P.E.I, Nunavut, Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Maine, Connecticut, Delaware––he gave me the Massachusetts because he felt bad about the misunderstanding) I am willing to mow your lawn or help you move some furniture, not S your D!!


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