License Plate Trade, NSA

Hey guys, just a little backstory before I get into it. So my GF is really into collecting old license plates and she wants to, at some point, have license plates from all 10 provinces, 3 territories, and all 50 states (in America, obvs). Right now she has plates from B.C, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec (no offence, but the poutine is better here!), N.S, Newfoundland/Labrador, the Yukon (found in a 2nd hand store in Washington!!), N.W.T, Washington (found in same store we got the Yukon plate!), Oregon, California, Nevada, Hawaii (best vacation ever!), Arizona, Utah, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas (the plates are the same size there as everywhere else, so much for everything being bigger in Texas. Harhar.), Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota (totally went to Fargo! Great film.), Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee (did a trade at a gas station for an iPhone charger!), Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio (how can you not love Lebron!?), Pennsylvania, Michigan, Vermont (Bernie bro!), New York (went and watched the Knicks lose 🙁 ), New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maryland (is it true it’s named after Mary Magdalen?), Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.

The ones she’s missing are Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, P.E.I (probably because she doesn’t like potatoes! Ha!), Nunavut, Alaska, Idaho, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Delaware. I really want to get them for her to help finish her collection, not just because I’m the best BF (harhar), but I think if I do this for her she’ll really, really, appreciate it and see how devoted I am to her and how much I really, truly love her. (Sorry for getting so sappy, blergh) And to be honest, I want her to see how fully devoted I am to her so I can finally pop the question(!!!!). The only thing is, I’m flat-ass broke at the moment, so if you happen to have one of the missing plates I’d like to propose a trade! 😉 Hit me up, I’m game for anything, NSA. Let’s just say I’m doing this all in the name of love. <3

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