Everywhere you are that isn’t here.

I saw you briefly on Tinder. Your hair was red and skin pale and you looked into the camera like it was an old friend you were putting up with only because of your shared history. I wanted to match with you so badly that I “super liked” you, which in retrospect I now realize was a mistake. There’s no better way to scare off a potential romantic interest than by letting them know to what degree you are interested in them, in this case a “super” degree. We never matched. Then I saw you on OKCupid. Those same photos, that same cool brand of indifference in the shot of you wearing the sunglasses with the one lens missing, the single emerald green hoop of your eye somehow finding more definition on its own. Your profile told me you hadn’t logged-in in over a year. Over the next few weeks I’d get a glimpse of you on Bumble, Happn, and I think even in a Yelp comment section. I started Christian Mingle and J-Date accounts just in case. I scoured Farmer’s Only because by your photos you really seemed to like the outdoors. Nothing. I just can’t seem to hack my way through the thick jungle of the Internet long enough to reach out before the overgrowth swallows you again. Hopefully you’ll see this, and it’s possible after all of my searching you’ll just look at me the same way you look at the camera, but maybe not.

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Portrait by Brandon Cotter for Portraits of Brief, Casual Encounters