Do you like to be Insurance Broker?

Do you have dreams? Do you want to achieve those dreams? Is your dream to be Insurance Broker? Is your dream to make lots and lots of money while helping ppl at same time? Good. I can help you pass Insurance Brokerage exam, no problem. With years and years of Insurance Brokerage experience I am the right person to help you pass the Insurance Brokerage exam. I’ve helped clients with life, car, health, house, business, boat, etc. insurance and they are all 100% happy with the great job I’ve done for them. I once helped artist get coverage for a great big fantastic art piece of a man in suit whose head was large detailed head of penis! I joked asking if I was inspiration and he laughed. I’m also funny sense of humour! Great quality in a teacher!

If you want to have great, funny, rewarding ($$$) experiences like my own then email me about lessons on how to pass Insurance Brokerage exam. We can meet in cafe, park, or even my place if you are not allergic to cats. You can also help insure pets! Follow your dreams. Email now!

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Portrait by Andrew Pommier for Portraits of Brief, Casual Encounters