Table 4 Dog

Since I was a really little kid I always wanted a dog. I remember my friend Jesse’s family had a golden retriever named Toby. Toby used to do this thing were he’d make this high pitched squealing sound when he’d see you cause he’d get so excited, you know? His butt would start wiggling back and forth and he’d start slipping all over the hardwood as he ran at you. I loved that dog. My family didn’t really have any pets growing up. There was the time when uncle Dave got sick and didn’t want to go to the hospital to die so my mom set him up in the spare room as a kinda hospice thing. Nurses used to come in and check all the machines attached to him and change his bedpan and all that, but in between when the nurses weren’t there, mom would make us bring uncle Dave food and talk to uncle Dave and play cards with uncle Dave. We didn’t always want to do that so it was kind of like one of those pet chores, like taking a dog for a walk. Except a dog wouldn’t call you an ungrateful little shit cause you wouldn’t sneak him a few of mom’s smokes.

So I have this table. It’s this really nice dining room table. Mahogany. An almond finish. It’s actually an heirloom. It was my great grandpa’s then my grandpa’s then my uncle Dave’s. After uncle Dave died my mom got it, cause besides me, she was the last Waldman in Lake Land County. When mom died last year I got the table. I don’t want the table. I have a table. A pretty nice table, actually. I want a dog. I’ve always wanted a dog. If anyone has a dog or puppy they’d like to trade me for this beautiful dining room table please let me know.

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Portrait by Mia Dungeon for Portraits of Brief, Casual Encounters