Let’s Get Cake

Around here there isn’t much to do. There are horses in the field outside of town that we can look at. The last time I was in the field there was this really cute moment where the small baby-horse nuzzled against the bigger one, which I assume is its mother. Or father. I didn’t look for a penis or anything so I don’t actually know. If we went to the field outside of town we could look to see if the big horse has a penis and maybe they’ll do something cute again. There’s also the cake shop downtown. I don’t know if you’ve been there but it’s something else. People from other towns come to our cake shop just to look at its cakes. They made this one cake shaped like a battleship for memorial day. It had little frosting fighter jets on it and everything. On the mayor’s birthday the cake shop people made a life-size chocolate cake that looked just like him. We could also go to the hole behind McLaren’s Autobody. No-one knows when or how it got there, it just appeared one day. It’s been there as long as I’ve been alive. You can drop things in it and never hear them hit bottom. It’s pretty cool. A kid I went to high school with said he fell into it while walking home one night and when he fell out the other side he was in Cabo San Lucas and it took two-weeks to find his way back. I’m pretty sure his family just went on vacation, though.